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Event Affected Systems/Services Closed Posted By
"Undefined error... Please call the service desk" Error Enterprise Authentication Service (EAS) 07/12/2017 11:07 AM AITS
Access to Tax Form 1098T Outage Banner Student 04/16/2018 12:59 PM AITS
ACES email list management maintenance - 7/26-8/8 ACES Email Lists 08/04/2017 11:51 AM College of ACES
ACES Quickbooks, FileMaker, and MDT maintenance - Wed. 7/19, 5-9pm ACES Virtual Infrastructure,Not Listed College of ACES - see Impact of Work section for details. 07/20/2017 09:32 AM College of ACES
ACES share drives unavailable for maintenance - Monday 7/17, 8-9pm ACES File Shares 07/18/2017 09:04 AM College of ACES
ACES websites temporarily unavailable ACES Virtual Infrastructure,ACES Web Infrastructure,ACES web sites 08/21/2017 12:11 AM College of ACES
Active Data Service -- all systems offline ADS - Active Data Storage 11/09/2017 03:06 PM ADS/NCSA
Active Data Service down time ADS - Active Data Storage 10/24/2017 08:55 AM ADS/NCSA
Active Directory Class Rosters groups currently unavailable Active Directory 09/16/2017 08:21 PM Technology Services
Active Directory domain controller maintenance Active Directory 04/18/2018 09:26 AM Technology Services