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Original Event From: 05/18/2017 10:04 AM
Storage is operational at this time.
Virtual Hosting Backup Service - Unavailable
Summary of Work:
		The data repository will be offline due to scheduled maintenance at the ACB datacenter.
Impacted Audience:
Customers of the Technology Services Virtual Hosting system
Impact of Work:
		VEEAM backups that are still running at 6:00 AM will be canceled. Restorations from the VEEAM backup system will not be possible until the data center maintenance is complete.

This work will not impact the VMware hosting environment, only the backup system for the environment. VMs will remain online and available.
Event Start:
05/20/2017 06:00 AM
Event End:
05/20/2017 01:00 PM
Affected Systems/Services:
Virtual Hosting
Affected Campus: